The Wine Cellar





At the Vintage Conservatory every effort has been carefully made to ensure your wine collection is kept in a safe, secure and climate controlled environment. Whether you are storing high valued bottles for a special occasion or are keeping bottles available for immediate consumption in the lounge.

We offer two types of storage solutions: Private Lockers and Case Storage.

Private Lockers

Private lockers are available for everyone who would like to manage their own wine collection. Your locker can be accessed anytime of the day 24/7 without an appointment. Storage lockers are available in capacities of 8-200 cases, and can be fitted with custom racking and lighting.

Case Storage

Vintage Conservatory’s Case Storage is perfect solution for those looking to cellar their wines long term, struggling with an overstocked wine cellar or needing a place to temporarily store their collection during a relocation or restoration of your home wine cellar. Member’s collection are stored safely in a private bulk storage area only accessed by the Conservatory’s staff and is separate from your personal wine locker. Case storage access is available only by appointment.

Case storage solution is best utilized by member’s whose wine withdrawal needs are moderate and infrequent and include custodial perks such as pick-up, delivery, and direct deposit into your wine collection from an agent or LCBO.

To inquire on how you can take advantage of our wine storage solutions, please contact Constantine Patiniotis