The Vintage Conservatory prides itself on providing the highest quality services and facilities to the people who matter most – our members.

Vintage Conservatory Membership buttonA congregation of wine enthusiasts who are committed to the idea of an exclusive community. A wine community that extends its appreciation to those like minded individuals sharing the same values. Our community includes all walks of life, from corporate to entrepreneurial and those involved in the arts & media. A Vintage Conservatory membership is one that helps engage its members to seek out new friendships and make new connections. At the Vintage Conservatory our strength is in our members, the established and emerging leaders who are shaping the landscape of Toronto.

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Membership at the Vintage Conservatory provides 24-hour secure access 7 days a week to the Vintage Conservatory social club as well as to your private wine locker. The private wine locker is secured via your personal finger print; access is granted to members only.  Once inside, you will be welcomed to a beautifully designed precision climate controlled private wine storage locker that is truly a technological masterpiece.

In addition to storing wine for use at the club, members without access to the correct conditions to store fine wine at home use their storage lockers to ensure good wine stays perfect. Inside our climate controlled and highly secure area, your wine is monitored for optimal storage conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.