Our Mission

Founded by wine lovers with a passion for art and culinary excellence, The Vintage Conservatory is a vibrant and exclusive private members’ wine club. Giving Toronto’s wine lovers a unique experience to share their collections with family and friends is our fundamental core value.

Our MissionWine is our mission statement

Our mission at the Vintage Conservatory to provide education and the connection to a world of wine that Toronto wine lovers deserve by bringing people together and providing an environment of unequaled sophistication and unparalleled sense of community.

Wine is at the foundation of every gathering, small or large, at the Vintage Conservatory.
Members enjoy sharing their new, old or even collectible vintages that bring about discussion and passion that is not found in any other wine club.

Our services to our members include the use of all our facilities. They include a private meeting and dining room and a shared kitchen area where members will find all the right equipment to enjoy their time at the Vintage Conservatory.