Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions about Vintage Conservatory? Confused about our membership? We have tried to answer as many questions as possible below but if you don’t see the answer you are looking, send us an email Email us or call us 416.603.8986

Question: Do you have to know a current member to be able to join the community?

Answer: This question is simply not a yes or no scenario. We would prefer a referral from a known member, however if you are from out of town, or are just a serious wine enthusiast a membership consultation will provide you with more information along with a tour of our private wine club.

 Am I able to enjoy my membership at anytime?

Answer: Our club is open 24/7 and is always ready to accommodate anybody who wishes to enjoy our facilities.

Question: Is the club a smoke free environment?

Answer: Our private wine club discourages such bad habits, however should you absolutely require the need for a little tobacco you must take your cigarette, cigar outside. Vintage Conservatory is a smoke free environment.

Question: Can you store any type of alcohol in the private members wine storage lockers?

Answer: Yes you are allowed to store any type of alcohol on the premise however Vintage Conservatory does not allow any illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia to be stored on our premises at any time whatsoever. If you are caught doing so we will call the authorities immediately. There is a zero tolerance policy for this.