The Vintage Conservatory prides itself on providing the highest quality services and facilities to the people who matter most – our members.

Vintage Conservatory Membership buttonA congregation of wine enthusiasts who are committed to the idea of an exclusive community. A wine community that extends its appreciation to those like minded individuals sharing the same values. Our community includes all walks of life, from corporate to entrepreneurial and those involved in the arts & media. A Vintage Conservatory membership is one that helps engage its members to seek out new friendships and make new connections. At the Vintage Conservatory our strength is in our members, the established and emerging leaders who are shaping the landscape of Toronto.

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Membership at the Vintage Conservatory provides 24-hour secure access 7 days a week to the Vintage Conservatory social club as well as to your private wine locker. The private wine locker is secured via your personal finger print; access is granted to members only.  Once inside, you will be welcomed to a beautifully designed precision climate controlled private wine storage locker that is truly a technological masterpiece.

In addition to storing wine for use at the club, members without access to the correct conditions to store fine wine at home use their storage lockers to ensure good wine stays perfect. Inside our climate controlled and highly secure area, your wine is monitored for optimal storage conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Mission

Founded by wine lovers with a passion for art and culinary excellence, The Vintage Conservatory is a vibrant and exclusive private members’ wine club. Giving Toronto’s wine lovers a unique experience to share their collections with family and friends is our fundamental core value.

Our MissionWine is our mission statement

Our mission at the Vintage Conservatory to provide education and the connection to a world of wine that Toronto wine lovers deserve by bringing people together and providing an environment of unequaled sophistication and unparalleled sense of community.

Wine is at the foundation of every gathering, small or large, at the Vintage Conservatory.
Members enjoy sharing their new, old or even collectible vintages that bring about discussion and passion that is not found in any other wine club.

Our services to our members include the use of all our facilities. They include a private meeting and dining room and a shared kitchen area where members will find all the right equipment to enjoy their time at the Vintage Conservatory.



Vintage Events


The Vintage Conservatory brings its members exclusive events that not only stimulate our community but also enhance the lives of our members. Our events include wine tastings featuring local and international wine makers and importers, culinary showcases, theatre and concert outings, networking affairs, fundraisers and community benefits, and many more different events. We typically bring in winemakers and importers whose wines are hard to find, have limited runs, or are only available by consignment purchase. Members are encouraged to invite guests to our events.

The Wine Cellar





At the Vintage Conservatory every effort has been carefully made to ensure your wine collection is kept in a safe, secure and climate controlled environment. Whether you are storing high valued bottles for a special occasion or are keeping bottles available for immediate consumption in the lounge.

We offer two types of storage solutions: Private Lockers and Case Storage.

Private Lockers

Private lockers are available for everyone who would like to manage their own wine collection. Your locker can be accessed anytime of the day 24/7 without an appointment. Storage lockers are available in capacities of 8-200 cases, and can be fitted with custom racking and lighting.

Case Storage

Vintage Conservatory’s Case Storage is perfect solution for those looking to cellar their wines long term, struggling with an overstocked wine cellar or needing a place to temporarily store their collection during a relocation or restoration of your home wine cellar. Member’s collection are stored safely in a private bulk storage area only accessed by the Conservatory’s staff and is separate from your personal wine locker. Case storage access is available only by appointment.

Case storage solution is best utilized by member’s whose wine withdrawal needs are moderate and infrequent and include custodial perks such as pick-up, delivery, and direct deposit into your wine collection from an agent or LCBO.

To inquire on how you can take advantage of our wine storage solutions, please contact Constantine Patiniotis

Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever


– Aristophanes

About Vintage Conservatory

Welcome to Vintage Conservatory

The vision of a truly remarkable and contemporary wine club was only the beginning. The Vintage Conservatory is not only a place to enjoy the art of wine, but we are a truly remarkable wine community. Combining wine storage solutions, wine education events, culinary showcases and member appreciation nights are some of the features that makes the Vintage Conservatory Toronto’s best and fastest growing private wine & wine storage club.

The Members Lounge & Bar

A very communal and versatile member’s only space that doubles as our event space. Members come to congregate every night of the week to enjoy vintages, culinary pleasures as well as exclusive member’s only events that delight the mind and soul. During the day our members only lounge can also cater to our members needing a mobile office, or a semi-private area for a quick downtown meeting, or even a place to extend warm and courteous thank you to a new or existing client.

The Dining Room

Need a beautiful space to conduct a private business lunch or a formal dinner with friends and family? Vintage Conservatory’s formal dining room and the culinary creations of our resident chef, Gregory Hogg, is your answer. Our formal dining room is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week by reservation on a first come first serve basis. We can handle any reservation up to 24 people who desire breakfast, lunch or dinner service.

Private Event Space

Have a private event and want to really impress your guests? Vintage Conservatory offers the perfect venue for our members to rent out the space for private events. Catered and professional any event is always a successful event when you add the class and sophistication of Toronto’s most exclusive and private Toronto wine club. In order to fulfill your private event space request, please fill out this form. Private Event Space

Vintage Conservatory Proprietors

Constantine Patiniotis Constantine Patiniotis